Increase safety at your loading docks with WHEEL-LOK

At VINCA we have always cared about safety, which is why we offer within our product catalog, a series of high-quality equipment that will improve the safety of your loading dock facilities.

As a must-have product, we recommend RiteHite’s WHEEL-LOK vehicle immobilizers that prevent serious accidents during loading and unloading of goods when forklifts and pallet trucks enter and exit trailers. Sometimes if the truck is not braked properly or there are slight displacements during loading, a gap can be created between the loading dock and the trailer, causing the forklift to be trapped.

The immobilizer will prevent more serious accidents, such as when the driver’s carelessness starts before the loading or unloading process has finished and operators continue to enter or exit the trailer causing the forklift to plummet.

To complement the safety equipment, we also recommend the DOK-GUARDIAN loading dock safety barrier, which will prevent the passage of personnel or forklifts, when the loading dock is open but there is no trailer outside.