New catalog of pallet trucks!

What is a pallet truck? What can we use it for? How much load does it support? How much can I lift the load? Are there stainless pallet trucks? The world of pallet trucks is very wide, they use a simple mechanism that offers great versatility when it comes to working loads without making an effort that could pose a risk to the operator.

Both manual and electric pallet trucks are very common in warehouses and factories where materials are constantly being loaded and unloaded. Depending on how much you are going to use it or what you need it for, we recommend one type or another.

The range of manual pallet trucks is designed to handle pallets in a comfortable and simple way. Once you have picked up the load, you direct it to the desired place by pushing from the tiller. If you prefer to lift the load from the ground to be able to transport it by pressing a button, then you should see the catalog of electric pallet trucks. Within this last modality there is also the combination of elevation and electric translation, one of the most recommended models is the QX20P model.

On the other hand, we have forklift trucks, these have a double function offering us a plus: transport and lift the load up to 800mm. From the rudder we raise the platform of the scissor table manually or electrically and once the material is raised we can transport it or use the pallet truck as a work table facilitating and ensuring a more correct posture for the worker.

These are the main models with the most outstanding characteristics, but if you are interested in learning more about pallet trucks, you can get in touch and one of our specialized sales representatives will advise you.