Hydraulic table for the assembly and disassembly of bogies

This lifting table is designed and manufactured exclusively for carrying out maintenance sessions in the railway sector. One of the most common uses among our clients is the maintenance, replacement and repair of train bogies.

The maintenance of trains is a complex task and the use of industrial equipment is necessary to guarantee the safety of workers.

Lift table for railway maintenance

At Vinca we design and manufacture this equipment, which allows us to configure it to measure for each client. This table model is designed for the maintenance of bogies, so the loads usually range from 4,000kg to 8,000kg.

  • On rails
  • Manual or electric translation
  • 5, 7 and 8t / Keypad or radio control
  • Double travel speed
  • Electrohydraulic drive

The bogies are located in the lower part of the trains, therefore the table moves along the rails until it reaches the exact point. This translation movement can be done manually or electrically with double speed to position it in the correct place. The translation and elevation movements are carried out from the button panel, but as an option and for safer and more comfortable operation we have the radio control option. From the control you activate the table and move it choosing the speed until it is positioned and you activate the elevation.

The bogie table is a model available in the lift table catalogue, but at Vinca we are experts in equipment for moving loads. If you want to know all the variety of lift tables, visit the page here.

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