ORBIT Compact Rotation Mobile Crane

Large Capacity Mobile Crane GZ
Ref. 17.3

High capacity mobile rotary boom with fixed column and manual translation.

Capacity 200 kg
Double Electric Extension

  • The 173VORBIT200EL and 173VORBIT200EL models are
    Fully electric rotary pick carry cranes with a
    maximum capacity up to 200 kg.
  • One of the key features of this pick and carry crane
    is that there are no lateral stabilizers, so this crane
    offers maximum mobility with suspended load
  • 173VORBIT200EL and 173VORBIT200ER are the cranes
    motorized with the smallest width in its category, with 800
    mm wide and 1200 mm long.
  • They have an excellent steering angle that allows them
    move through narrow spaces or turn on your
    axis in confined spaces
  • Maximum lifting height 3700 mm
  • Extendable arm (from the end of the base) both lateral
    as front up to 2000 mm.
  • The counterweight does not exceed the crane width of 800 mm,
    even in swivel position.
  • The ORBIT model works with sealed AGM batteries
    that can be recharged even in ventilated areas
    Limited 173VORBIT200EL and 173VORBIT200ER are cranes
    fully electric that can be used in all
    sectors in a quiet, environmentally friendly way
    environment and zero emissions.
  • They comply with all the required security requirements
    by current legislation (emergency buttons, horn
    and flashing buzzer, flashing light, pressure valve
    valve, block valve).
  • Both models are equipped with a device for
    dynamic load limitation that prevents the crane from
    charge beyond its maximum capacity at each point in the
  • The device does not allow the arm to be raised or extended
    until the operator returns the load within
    permissible limits ORBIT counterbalanced cranes can
    be equipped with any type of low-hook solutions,
    such as suction cups, scales, grippers and magnets
    permanent and customized solutions.

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