Portable Jib Crane OMNIA

Portable Jib Crane OMNIA
Ref. 17.3

Fully electric high-capacity mobile boom, columnar but without turning.

Capacity 2000 kg
Triple Electric Extension
Adjustable and proportional speed

  • OMNIA 2TL and 2TR models are fully Pick Carry cranes
    electric with a maximum capacity of 2000 kg and triple extension
    electric allowing the arm to extend up to 3 meters.
  • One of the key features of these models is that there is no
    lateral stabilizers, so these cranes offer maximum
    mobility with suspended load.
  • The OMNIA is the ideal crane for lifting heavy and bulky loads and thanks to its extreme maneuverability it can reach any place where cargo needs to be picked up, including narrow aisles and tunnels.
  • It has excellent steering ability that allows it to move in tight spaces or turn on its axis in confined spaces.
  • It is equipped with AGM batteries that can be recharged in areas with limited ventilation.
  • It is a totally electric crane that can be used in all sectors, being silent, ecological and with zero emissions.
  • It complies with all the safety requirements required by current legislation (emergency buttons, intermittent horn and bell, flashing light, maximum pressure valve, block valve).
  • It is equipped as standard with a device for dynamic limitation
    of the load that prevents the crane from being loaded beyond its capacity
    maximum at each point of the extent.
  • The device does not allow the boom to be raised or extended until the operator returns the load within the allowable limits.
  • The ATLAS counterbalanced crane can be equipped with any type of
    solutions under the hook, such as suction cups, scales, clamps and pliers permanent magnets and customized solutions.

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