Special Aluminum Portable Crane

Estamos muy satisfechos de poder compartir con ustedes una foto del pórtico ligero de aluminio recibida de uno de nuestros clientes en acción. En la imagen se muestra una grúa pórtico portátil ALU que fue personalizado para adaptarse a la especificación exacta de nuestro cliente, diseñado específicamente para el entorno de trabajo en el que se requiere la grúa.

We are very pleased to be able to share with you a photo of the aluminum light gantry received from one of our customers in action.

The image shows a portable gantry crane ALU that was customized to fit the exact specification of our customer, designed specifically for the work environment where the crane is required.

The aluminum gantry is equipped with a manual hoist, it is special because on one side a leg has been designed for maximum lateral approximation, taking full advantage of the useful space of the aisle. On the other side, a standard leg has been used.

With the aluminum gantry in this configuration, the user can easily maintain the equipment in a small space, mounting the portal in 5 minutes each time it needs to make an intervention and withdrawing it again when finished. The usual space restrictions in this type of clean room were surpassed so that the user can easily move the object and place it on the catwalk, and all thanks to our light porch.

As the lightweight gantry is mostly designed with standard parts, the user takes advantage of part of the equipment for tasks in other areas without space restrictions, making the maximum profitability of its aluminum gantry.

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