New Hands-Free Industrial Remote Control

We have expanded our catalog with a new accessory for remote control of overhead cranes, hoists and winches with the COMHAND remote control.

COMHAND is the first integrated hands-free remote control for the user to have greater freedom of manipulation. We have two models, the ComHand and the Babhand.

The ComHand is a handling device that allows you to increase your productivity by 20%, guaranteeing maximum safety and ergonomics, especially interesting for hoists with or without electric trolley, and 2-axis motorized motion applications.

Thanks to its unique design, it prevents the loss or breakage of your remote control and maintains control of your machine in any situation by improving operator control.

The BabHand, the first user-integrated hands-free remote control for overhead cranes, improves the user experience thanks to its magnetic grip, with which you can connect your remote control wherever you want. This new handling device enables you to achieve operational excellence and increase your competitiveness.


• Hands-free
• Environmental resistance
• Easy to use
• Maximum security
• Greater comfort
• Lightness
• 100% customizable