New project, new challenge: 6.3 ton overhead crane with tandem operation for XLG Heat Transfer

Do you want to know how we work? What are our overhead cranes like?

Take a look at this project and discover how at VINCA we have designed and manufactured two custom bridge cranes for our client in Molina de Segura. In addition, they have built-in tandem operation to work simultaneously in complete safety.

This project is composed of:

  • 2 6.3t overhead cranes
  • NOVA Hoist
  • Tandem radio control
  • Anti-collision device between cranes on the same rail.
  • Personalization with XGL Heat Transfer color and logo

What makes this project unique?

Tandem system

2 transmitters + 2 receivers, each installed on a crane. The user can choose which crane he wants to operate with, whether he wants to do it individually or together, controlling both cranes simultaneously.

Anti-collision between cranes, normal EN15011:2011

Complying with regulations to guarantee maximum safety, this safety system prevents violent collisions between overhead cranes or hoists on the same rail. In addition, you can configure and regulate the stopping distance from 2 to 6 meters.

Custom made for optimal performance:

This project focuses on adaptation. Every detail of the overhead crane has been fine-tuned to meet the client's specific needs, prioritizing optimization and performance. It also has the logo printed on both crane bridges on both sides.

Sturdy construction:

The strength of this overhead crane lies in its construction. Using quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, we ensure not only the ability to handle heavy loads but also long-term durability.

Each client has needs and has a space and budget and at Vinca we study and analyze each case to offer the best solution. If you are interested in receiving more information about overhead cranes, you can fill out the form you will find here.

Ficha Proyecto

Customer: XLG Heat Transfer

Location: Molina de Segura / Murcia (España)